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John Waddell's works have been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and around the world, and can be viewed across Arizona and the Valley, many in public areas of downtown Phoenix.  Exhibits in Arizona included the Desert Botanical, Arizona Civic Center, The Herberger Theatre, The Sedona Cultural Park, Arizona & Carver Museum, Universalist Church - Paradise Valley, and more..



Dance, a major work created in the early 1970’s, and displayed in front of the Herberger Theater, is a representation of John’s unique ability to give bronze motion.  He offers us a glimpse into the inner beauty in each of the grouped figures, and brings to life a feeling of gentle grace and energy.  Each dancer has a “portrait- like” quality that is unique to the model while adding to the overall dimension of the piece as a whole.

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The same series as above, as exhibited at the original site, Civic Center and Pheonix Civic Plaza Symphony Hall - Phoenix, Arizona -1970 to 1974.

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That Which Might Have Been

"That Which Might Have Been" , located at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Paradise Valley, Arizona & Carver Museum Phoenix, Arizona - 1963.  In 1963, Waddell received national recognition for his work titled, That Which Might Have Been, Birmingham, 1963, which was created in reaction to the bombing of a Sunday school in Birmingham, Alabama, that resulted in the deaths of four young girls.  This group of sculptures, which is on permanent display at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Phoenix, exemplifies the humanistic approach this figurative master applies to each work.  In the process of creating these sculptures Waddell began to shape the principle that would set the direction for his future works, that of “the beauty of individual differences”. 

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The Gathering
Sedona Cultural Park - 1985-1997

Stolen February 2007

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The Circle of Womanhood
Circle of Womanhood was originally part of the larger grouping entitled "Generations" (above)

Desert Botanical Gardens In Arizona from Jan 18 - June 27th, 2004.   

Waddell’s bronze figures brought a new level of artistic achievement to the Garden.  The sculptures, which emanate grace and beauty, depict the relationship that Waddell’s work has with dance and movement and the human spirit.  More than 20 sculptures were tucked among the plants along the Garden paths, and John’s seldom-exhibited two-dimensional works in pastel and paint were on display in Ottosen Gallery.  Each of the sculptures brought a new presence to the Garden and offered a glimpse into the human spirit.

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Family Group

Maricopa County Complex - Phoenix, Arizona -1967


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The USTA National Tennis Center is now the largest public tennis facility in the world.  Probably best known as the home of the US Open, the USTA National Tennis Center operates primarily as a community tennis facility, hosting a number of events throughout the year and providing programs for all players.  117" x 60" x 37", bronze; US National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows, NY.