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John Henry Waddell
by Michel F. Sarda

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by Amy Waddell

Documentary 58 min. Color 1995 
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Artists John and Ruth Waddell
The Reluctant Muse

Throughout history, when two artists have come together it has often resulted in one holding back to let the other flourish. This insightful and intimate documentary is about husbands and wives, about sacrificing one's artistic dreams for marriage and family, and about the role of women in the world of art. It is one of the best documentaries ever made exploring the psychological, interpersonal, and sociological aspects of being a creative artist in our time. John and Ruth Waddell met at the Art Institute in Chicago more than 45 years ago. They shared a love for the arts and for each other. The film examines the life events and societal influences that led one young artist to diminish her own artistic endeavors and to channel her creative energy into the creative life of her partner. The issues that have confronted this partnership through the years are universal: family, finances, and infidelity, to name a few. This remarkable interdisciplinary work is essential viewing in a variety of courses in art, psychology, women's studies, sociology, and anthropology; it is also excellent for general adult audiences. Produced by Amy Waddell.

A fascinating exploration of the relationship between work and the passion for one's career and how men and women work out the balance between these two factors in the context of their shared lives together. An excellent film for courses in women's studies and American culture, as well as anthropology classes dealing with kinship, mariage and the family, gender relations, and art. --

Nancy Lutkehaus, Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of Southern California, and Editor, Visual Anthropology Review

An honest portrait of a complex marriage. You'll think about art, about husbands and wives, about growing older, but most of all you'll think about your own life. I highly recommend this for public libraries everywhere. --

Sarah McGarry, Phoenix Public Library

Louisville Artswatch Film and Video Festival honoree
American Psychological Assn. honoree

The beauty of individual differences : a study of the Waddell Sculpture Fellowship and the master-apprentice relationship
by John Henry Waddell

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Edition: Paperback 


Soul: An Interpretation of a Sculpture by John Henry Waddell: Harry Wood

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Description:  1970 DoubleYou, softcover. Unmarked. Interpretation of "That which might have been, Birmingham, 1963." See shipping policy.